Tony Huang

Tony was previously a lead product manager at Axon where he oversaw mobile & client apps. He also previously spearheaded partnerships & acquisitions for Axon. Tony is originally from Boston and attended Harvard College where he was an Ideal Translation Fellow, but he was sure glad to leave the snow behind and land in sunny Seattle.

Tyler Conant

Tyler was formerly a Director of Engineering at Axon and led the IoT team. Before Axon, Tyler did stints at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works and Raytheon as a senior software engineer. Tyler is a avid fan of space cat memes and falls asleep to Star Trek at least three nights a week. Although originally from LA, Tyler is a sucker for rainy days and loves the Seattle weather.

Prasad Mahendra

Prasad was the founding engineer and lead architect for Axon’s software business. Most recently, he led the infrastructure team as a Director of Engineering. Before Axon, Prasad was the founding engineer of Gizmo5 (acquired by Google) and a software engineer at Prasad grew up in Sri Lanka but has resided in California for most of his life. He now lives on an island and takes a ferry to work every day!